Kuhl-Cher was founded in 2012, and positioned as an organization development consulting firm. The target market was the corporate sector and our objective was to support the creation of corporate cultures, which would make significant contributions to the development of Nigeria. Kuhl-Cher’s founder worked in the banking sector for twelve years, and witnessed culture continually “eat strategy for breakfast.” She resigned from the bank, to build Kuhl-Cher, and has been opportune to design and facilitate training programs, in the private and public sectors locally, and in Orient Bank Uganda.

Aramide (Kuhl-Cher’s founder) realised that Kuhl-Cher was unable to meet its’ objectives, if it continued to focus on the corporate sector. She took a break to reassess. During her break, she started a food business in February 2020, having been raised by an exceptional caterer, who trained her from childhood (her mother). The food business became a catalyst, for the current positioning of Kuhl-Cher, creating a shift of focus from the corporate sector, to the micro and small business segment.

Kuhl-Cher Limited is a boutique consulting firm that provides Accounting and Business Support services, to micro and small sized enterprises. The company was re-positioned in October 2020, and recommenced activities with a virtual accounting training to small business owners. Kuhl-Cher intends to use the digital platform to deliver its’ services to this unique group of entrepreneurs.

Kuhl-Cher is exploring a model where up to four businesses, can share the cost of a Kuhl-Cher trained Accountant, who will work on-site until the business can support a full time Accountant, who will be a direct employee of the client company (Available from April 2022).

Our Vision

The vision of Kuhl-Cher is to help reduce the poverty rate in Africa to 10% of the global population.

Our Mission

To help de-risk micro and small businesses, so they are able to attract the funding they need to grow their operations, whether by debt, equity or a mix of both; and continually create employment. To help nurture businesses, that will contribute significantly to societal change in Nigeria and Africa. Businesses will achieve this by building transformational cultures, where employees are mentally empowered to be change agents, within their organizations and communities.

Our Values at Kuhl-Cher


Concern for People

We believe that everyone deserve a decent living. We are of the opinion that, as much as it is possible, all individuals who are willing and able to work, should have the opportunity to do so, within their skill set. We believe that the work environment should be free of unhealthy pressures, victimization, and negative politics; which contribute to poor mental health.


We face challenges head on, we do not believe in ignoring or walking away from problems. We are true to our deepest beliefs, and continually uphold them, even when the price of non-conformity is high.

Passion for Change

It is our opinion that there is no point constantly complaining about organizational, or societal problems, and do nothing about it. If you can’t be bold and do something about it, within your sphere of influence; then stop complaining. Be the change you seek, consistently live the change, and inspire others to adopt the change.


We may make mistakes, we may fail terribly in some things; but we don’t stay down. We are able to bounce back, and continue the journey with immense strength. We can endure hardship till we accomplish the results we seek.