A Brief Introduction

Kuhl-Cher Limited is an Organization Development Consulting Company, which was established to help build highly profitable and resilient organizations. This is accomplished with a combination of; Human Resource, Applied Behavioral Science, and Accounting principles; using the training and consulting platforms.

At Kuhl-Cher, we pay attention to both quantitative and qualitative factors, realizing that both are critical in building great businesses. We are able to trace the impact of organizational behavior on the bottom line, proffer solutions; and help businesses become more profitable with the use of Accounting & Human Resource data.

Our Mission

To provide a learning platform, where practical solutions are provided, to address real and pressing problems, faced by small businesses and large organizations.

Our Values at Kuhl-Cher


Concern for People

We believe that everyone deserve a decent living. We are of the opinion that, as much as it is possible, all individuals who are willing and able to work, should have the opportunity to do so, within their skill set. We believe that the work environment should be free of unhealthy pressures, victimization, and negative politics; which contribute to poor mental health.


We face challenges head on, we do not believe in ignoring or walking away from problems. We are true to our deepest beliefs, and continually uphold them, even when the price of nonconformity is high

Passion for Change

It is our opinion that there is no point constantly complaining about organizational, or societal problems, and do nothing about it. If you can’t be bold and do something about it, within your sphere of influence; then stop complaining. Be the change you seek, consistently live the change, and inspire others to adopt the change.


We may make mistakes, we may fail terribly in some things; but we don’t stay down. We are able to bounce back, and continue the journey with immense strength. We can endure hardship till we accomplish the results we seek.