In our work with corporate organizations, we will meet with the program sponsors (usually the Departmental Team Lead and Head of Human Resource), to obtain a deep insight into current organizational/business challenges. We may also administer questionnaires to target employees (those to be trained), to gather more information about the challenge(s). The information gathered, will provide the raw materials for designing training, which meets the clients’ needs.

The Kuhl-Cher team will carry out an evaluation within an agreed period, and submit a report based on findings.
Kuhl-Cher offers the following courses as implant programs to corporate organizations.
1. Developing Mental Resilience
2. Conflict Resolution Tactics
3. Communication- Bridging the Gap
4. Customer Service: A Systems Perspective
5. Managing Culture Change
6. Organization Development for Managers.

We also design bespoke training programs, to address the Learning & Development needs of the client organization.