Our Services:


Kuhl-Cher is positioned to render change consulting services, to address the following organizational scenarios;

  • A crisis in the organization which threatens its business operations.
  • Changes in the market dynamics which, necessitates a change in the business model.
  • Culture consulting support for change initiatives in hard areas, such as; technology, organizational structure, performance management system, control system etc.
  • High employee turnover, absenteeism, and low levels of employee accountability.
  • Challenges with the implementation of strategy.
  • Inability to meet production deadlines.
  • Declining customer base.

Our consulting approach is patterned after the action research methodology. This is a diagnostic and collaborative process which relies heavily on data collection and analysis, with the input of the change target, at every stage of the work. Our interventions are flexible and we do not have a one-size fits all approach. Our work is designed to meet the clients’ needs at any stage in the organization’s life cycle.