This training is designed for a minimum of 3 business owners, and a maximum of 5.

Duration – 6 hours on a zoom call, which involves 2 hour sessions, over a three day period, at the convenience of the business owners.

Topics to be covered are as follows:

  1. Accrual Concept

  2. The Types of Accounts

  3. Inventory Management

  4. Accounts Payable Management

  5. Accounts Receivable Management

  6. Tracking of all Income

  7. Computation of Gross Margin/Product

  8. Tracking of all Expenses

  9. Loan Repayment Schedule

  10. Capital Contribution Schedule

  11. Fixed Assets Schedule

  12. Using the Profit & Loss Account as a Simple Budgeting Tool

  13. Salary Schedule (with Computations of Personal Income Tax and Pension Contribution)

  14. Understanding the Workings of the Profit & Loss Account

  15. Understanding the Workings of the Balance Sheet

  16. Understanding the Workings of the Cash Flow Statement

  17. Accounting Ratios and their Significance in Making Business Decisions

Brief Description

  • Category: Accounting Support Services
  • Client: Kuhl-Cher
  • Location: Virtual
  • Project Value: N12,000 / User