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Senior Technical Consultant (Human Resource & Organization Development

Eric Grillo

Eric is a first class graduate of Psychology, from the University of Lagos. He has been involved with the work at Kuhl-Cher since it started operations, nine years ago.

Professional Skills

Research 98%
Consulting 97%
Psychology 89%
Communication 99%
Accounting 99%

Experience & Activities

Eric Grillo is a professional with proven years of experience in rendering consulting work. He has conducted psychological analysis in industry-related issues and problems. He efficiently applies principles of psychology to personnel issues, administration, management and marketing problems. He possesses exceptional knowledge of human and industry behavior as well as; mental processes; psychological research, and assessment methods. He has excellent knowledge of research methods; techniques and information sourcing. Eric possesses the ability to communicate information and ideas clearly, in a concise manner.

Eric graduated from the University of Lagos with first-class honors in Psychology. He spends his time as an independent psychologist. He has special interest in psychometric, psychological issues associated with work-family lifestyles. He also provides technical assistance for research in various psychological settings.