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Kuhl-Cher is an Organization Development consulting firm that was founded with a mission to help build sustainable organizations in Nigeria. Our work is designed to support business owners, managers and executive management to create work cultures that contribute to the successful implementation of strategy.

Kuhl-Cher is supported by Crosby & Associates USA, an OD firm with over 50-year experience working with small businesses, non-profits, Large Corporates and multinationals; in the United States, South America, Europe, North Africa and Jamaica. The founder, Dr. Robert Crosby, was influenced by the works of Kurt Lewin and John Dewey and was mentored by Ronald Lippitt, a student of Kurt Lewin.

We are positioned to work with organizations with the following needs:

Crosby & Associates- OD Philosophy and Practice

The meaning of Organization Development (OD)

Our philosophy of Organization Development is crafted by our founder, Robert P Crosby, but perhaps best summed up by Dr. W. Warner Burke.

He stated that, “To be OD it must (1) respond to an actual and perceived need for change on the part of the client, (2) involve the client in the planning and implementation of the change, and (3) lead to change in the organization’s culture.” Further, Dr. Burke went on to write that,”…organization development is a process of fundamental change in an organization’s culture.

By fundamental change, as opposed to fixing a problem or improving a procedure, I mean that some significant aspect of a culture will never be the same.”

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